Cradle of alpine winter sports -davos-

Cradle of alpine winter sports -davos-

Speaking of skiing, Switzerland would definitely pop into people’s heads. Skiing is one of the popular activities in Switzerland. There are more than 200 ski resorts in the country, which are often called the “Ski Paradise” by skiers. So today we’re going to introduce the largest alpine ski resort in Europe - Davos. ⛄️

Davos, known as the "Cradle of Alpine Winter Sports", is close to the Austrian border and belongs to the canton of Graubünden. It is a well-known ski resort in eastern Switzerland. ⛄️

Let’s introduce the main features of Davos.

🌱 Convenient Transportation
Davos Ski Resort is a must stop station on the Swiss classic train route "Glacier Train", and people can also land at Zurich Airport by plane, and then take the bus to Davos town.

🌱 Ski Areas Diversity
The Davos ski area is divided into six parts, of which the Parsenn area is the largest and the most popular, with various grades and 12 kilometers of ski runs. Not only can people experience the thrill of speeding, but one can also stand on the top of the mountain overlooking the surrounding scenery and enjoy the majesty of the Alps surrounded by mountains! Klosters ski resort which is next to Davos is the favorite of the British Royal family.

🌱 Leisure activity diversity
Beside the ski slopes, there are several tennis courts, a horse riding range, an ice skating rink, an indoor golf course and an indoor swimming pool. And other advanced winter snow sports such as snowmobiling, ice fishing, ice hockey and glacier hiking.

After reading the introduction, don’t you want to plan a ski trip to Swizerland?⛄️



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