The most popular snow resort in Victoria, Australia — Mt Buller snow resort

The most popular snow resort in Victoria, Australia — Mt Buller snow resort

✨The most popular snow resort in Victoria, Australia
— Mt Buller snow resort
Melbourne is located in the south of Australia, it’s colder than other Northern big cities such as Sydney and Brisbane so there are many snow-capped mountains around for skiing.

There are top 5 popular ski resorts in Melbourne, which Mt Buller stands out among these unique ski resorts and become the first choice for first-time skiers or ski groups.

So, what’s the reason that makes Mt Buller to become the most popular snow resort in Melbourne?
🔖Convenient Transport
Just three hours’ drive from Melbourne and it’s possible to be one-day round-trip. It’s the largest-scale and most convenient ski resort in Australia.
It provides shuttle buses in the city and airport in Melbourne, and the route to go by yourself is not complicated.
🔖Perfect Equipment
Compare with other snow resorts in Victoria, Mt Buller provides perfect accommodation. Not only have the ski facility and equipment rental store, but also have more than 30 restaurants, bars, nightclubs, supermarkets, movie theaters and B&B. Mt Buller has everything!!
🔖Various Levels of Pistes
Mt Buller has a series of pistes, such as green piste for beginner, challenging black piste, three kinds of terrain parks and backcountry ski piste.
The snow season in northern hemisphere is over, then the snow season in southern hemisphere has begun. Everyone can start planning your next trip for ski!!!





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