How/What to wear for your first skiing? (accessories-part 2)🏂

How/What to wear for your first skiing? (accessories-part 2)🏂

🏂How/What to wear for your first skiing? (accessories-part 2)🏂


We’ve introduced some basic skiing accessories for our top part of the body this Wednesday. Today we’re going to introduce skiing accessories for our bottom part of the body.


▪️Gloves: When using a ski, you will hold the ski pole with both of your hands, so the palm of the gloves need to be anti-slip.


▪️Protective gears: Beginners use protective pants to avoid falling and it also decreases the cold feeling when sitting or kneeling on the snow.


▪️Socks: Make sure the length is longer than the height of the snowshoes, this can reduce friction with snowshoes.


▪️Action camera: It’s an important equipment to record your skiing activities. However, it’s recommended to wait until your skiing skill is good enough before buying one. What’s more, you can also consider purchasing a selfie stick with a waterproof case if you want to present in the third-person perspective.


▪️Snowboard/ski board sleeve: A good snowboard sleeve not only can protect your snowboard from rub in the bag, but also protect it from scratching with other things. The materials which Mons chose are inner bristles, can protect your snowboard and also fit in any sizes of snowboard!


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