What can I do to protect my snowboard?

What can I do to protect my snowboard?

What can I do to protect my snowboard?

Our products intro.

We understand that the snowboarders want to protect their snowboard from scratching and getting hit. Here, MONS provides a solution to give your snowboard a protection.

Main product: Snowboard Sleeve
Snowboard sleeve can cover up your snowboard to protect the surface and the edge of the board from damaging the board itself and other objects.

The features of our product:
Light, Soft Material: Mainly made by polyester and rayon fabric. So, it’s easy to roll up and put in your backpack to carry around. Moreover, the fabric is elastic, so it’s easy to wear on your board.

Breathable Fabric: It’s easy to wash, just simply throw it into the laundry machine and hang it on the clothesline after. It dries quickly, so the snowboard sleeve doesn’t get stinky. Besides, your board won’t get rusty even if you store it in the garage after the snow season.

Protective Design: Double layer design for the head and the end, stronger protection. Moreover, we use Velcro straps for babies, unlike the metal zipper, it keeps the board from scratching.

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