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Luggage Extention Belt Strap for Add Bag and Suitcase

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Luggage Extention Belt Strap for Add Bag and Suitcase| Adjustable Suitcase Travel Belts for Luggage Over Handle Portable Straps with Buckles

  • Save Time and Energy: This strap allows you to easily attach a backpack to your carry-on luggage without hassle, providing convenience and making navigation through the airport simple and stress-free.  
  • High Quality Material: Crafted from sturdy polyester, the length of strap is adjustable, combining together a large and small bag for easy walking.
  • Travel Smart: The strap ensures items are securely held without causing elastic marks on your luggage, and keeps things in place as you breeze through airports.
  • Super Easy to Use: Effortlessly attach your laptop, backpack to a roller suitcase with this strap. Quick and easy to attach and detach.
  • Adjustable Buckles: Adjustable buckles help to safely secure duffel bags and suitcases, making it simple to keep your luggage in balance.



Material| 100% Polyester + YKK Polyacetal (POM) Buckle

Applicable Length | Applicable to the entire waist circumference of snowboard bags/bags within the range of 50-100cm.

【Notice for use】 This product is designed to be used for simple ski bags and attached luggage bags. If it is a wheeled ski bag, it is not recommended to be placed on the luggage due to weight and size considerations.

During the non-snow season, you can also use straps to fix large luggage straps to the suitcase and drag them together to reduce the burden.