How/What to wear for your first skiing? (accessories-part 1)🏂

How/What to wear for your first skiing? (accessories-part 1)🏂

We’ve introduced some basic clothes for skiers and snowboarder last week. And this time we are going to share some important accessories for you.

▪️ Mask or scarf:
Not only to prevent cold air or snow from hitting your face, but also to make your outfit look modern. Especially notice that don’t wear a long scarf when skiing, it’s dangerous if hooked or pulled.

▪️ Woolen hat:
It’s important to keep your head and neck warm. Opting a knitting hat can also reduce the friction of your head and helmet, keep you warm and comfortable.

▪️ Helmet:
Protect the head to avoid or reduce the injury caused by accidental falling. In addition, the inner lining of the helmet can also keep the ears warm to avoid frostbite. The helmet for skiing has a buckle on the back to secure the goggles.

▪️ Goggles:
It’s sealing so it not only protects against wind, snow, rain and fog, but also protects your eyes. Because the snow is white, it reflects a lot of ultraviolet rays and sunlight, so it’s very dazzling and harmful for your eyes without wearing goggles.

Have you learned a lot about how to choose the basic accessories for skiing? What to wear to ski depends on personal physique, exercise intensity and environment. Also everyone can adjust it to fit your personal demands!!!

🏂 初めてスキーをする時は、何を着たらいいの? (アクセサリー編-パート1)🏂


▪️ マスクや襟巻き:

▪️ 帽子:

▪️ ヘルメット:

▪️ ゴーグル:


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