The Benefits of Skiing Part 2

The Benefits of Skiing Part 2

The benefits of skiing⛷

With the rising popularity of skiing, more and more people are skiing in the snow season to challenge themselves. The previous post mentioned the physical benefits of skiing, this time let's introduce the mental benefits of skiing!

1. Making one feel good emotionally
When skiing, there will be a strong sense of weightlessness, which in turn promotes the secretion of dopamine and produces a sense of happiness.

2. Promoting deep sleep
Skiing is a sport that requires full-body commitment. In extreme fatigue, both the brain and the body want and need to get a good rest and enjoy a peaceful, restful sleep.

3. Promoting healthy eating habits
Since skiing needs to use the whole body, one will feel hungry. One needs to pay more attention to one’s diet. For example: more protein, healthy fats, more fruits and vegetables, etc.

4. Curing Seasonal Affective Disorder
Most people stay indoors for a long period of time with the cold weather in winter. Resulting in the reduction of physical activity, increasing of the brain and mental activity which can easily lead to depression, lethargic,
and inefficient at work. Going out to ski can not only exercise your body, but also absorb vitamin D, and improve mood effectively.

Skiing has many benefits for all aspects of the body, so why don't you try it? ^_−☆


スキーの盛りなりに伴って、ますます多くの人々がスノーシーズンのうちにスキーに挑戦します。 前回の記事ではスキーをすることで生じる健康面のメリットについて説明したが、今回は心のメリットについてお話しましょう〜!


スキーは全身の筋肉が鍛えられる全身運動です。 運動をすることでだるさや疲れを感じる状態で、脳と体は十分な休息をとって回復が期待でき、安らかな眠りを得る。

スキーは全身の筋肉を使う運動なので、滑った後はお腹がペコペコになることがあり、食事に注意する必要があります。 例えばより多くのタンパク質、良質な脂質、より多くの野菜や果物などを摂る 。


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