World Ski Resorts.  (🇯🇵Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort)

World Ski Resorts. (🇯🇵Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort)

World Ski Resorts. (Japan)

We’re going to introduce the world ski resorts after learning the preparation steps for skiing.

We’re starting from Japan this week!


This time we’re going to introduce the ski resort called “Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort” which is located in Nagano Ken in Japan.

Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort is a number one ski resort in Nagano Ken with 100% natural powder snow.

Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort opens from late December to the end of March every year.

With a total of 36 pistes which is suitable for the skiers of every level.

The most difficult pistes among them is called "S”, where the skiers are able to see the beautiful scenery and experience the exciting ski trail.

What’s more, the hot spring is the major feature of Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort.

 Going to a nearby hot spring to relax your body and experience Japanese culture nearby  after skiing is a great activity for skiers.

What’s more, there are more than 30 restaurants in Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort!

We recommend the delicious miso-flavored ramen of “UTOPIA” and the curry rice of “PANORAMA HOUSE BUNA”.

If you want to take a rest, you can find a restaurant to rest and replenish energy!

Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort is the top ski resort in Honshu, Japan. Skiers can stay the whole day in the resort. However, you should pay attention to the weather so you can enjoy your skiing-trip!

Isn't that fascinating and attractive? We highly recommend skiers to plan a skiing-trip to Japan after the pandemic.















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