🌼Enjoy the spring skiing!  (🇯🇵Niigata Ken-Kagura Ski Resort)

🌼Enjoy the spring skiing! (🇯🇵Niigata Ken-Kagura Ski Resort)

🌼Enjoy the spring skiing!

(🇯🇵 Niigata Ken-Kagura Ski Resort)

Ski resorts are closed as the weather becomes warmer and spring and summer are around the corner. Some skiers may be a little disappointed with the coming of spring and summer. Therefore, today we’re going to introduce “Kagura Ski Resort” where you can enjoy “spring skiing”.

🌱The longest ski season

Kagura Ski Resort is divided into three areas, Kagura, Tashiro and Mitsumata. Among them, the operating period of Kagura and Mitsumata areas are from November last year to May 22nd this year! Which is the longest operating period of a ski resort in Japan!

🌱Beauty scenery Due to Kagura’s high altitude (1,800m), aside from an abundant amount of light dry powder snow, the breathtaking scenery is also one of the features of Kagura Ski Resort. Visitors can take the chair lift to enjoy the beautiful coniferous forests of the forest ski area, and they can also travel to and from the Naeba Prince Hotel Ski Area via the world’s longest gondola, the Dragondola.

🌱Abundant facilities Kagura Ski Resort is a large ski area with a variety of pistes to suit beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers. After skiing, skiers can also buy Niigata Ken's special local products as souvenirs at the shops in the resort, having a wonderful end to the trip.

Let us grasp the end of the ski season and enjoy the fun of "spring skiing" in the greenery!




🌱 最長の営業期間








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