The Cardrona Ski Resort in New Zealand's South Island.

The Cardrona Ski Resort in New Zealand's South Island.

We’ve been staying at home for too long because of the pandemic, right? June is around the corner! We’re going to introduce the ski resorts that people can go to in June this time! 

This time we'll introduce the Cardrona Ski Resort in New Zealand's South Island. This ski resort is not only New Zealand's best ski resort for learning to ski, it also has the most famous stunt park among the ski resorts in the southern hemisphere! This is the most prosperous place for free-style skiing in New Zealand. There are a variety of terrain parks, Big Air jump 85-foot monster-level slopes, and half-pipe semi-pipe-type ski runs. There are tourists from all over the world every year , and it is also the training base for the Olympic team! 

The resort is open from the end of June to mid-October. It is suggested that July to September is the best time to ski! 

If you want to go to Cardrona Ski Resort to learn how to ski, it is recommended to buy a single-day ticket for the beginners. Not only does it include rental skis, but also two group lessons! 

If you are tired of skiing, you can also take McDougall’s Chondola’s sightseeing cable car to the top of the mountain to enjoy the snow scenery. Having a drink at the small bar on the top of the mountain and enjoying the snowy scenery is also relaxing. 

It is recommended to drive to the Cardrona Ski Resort by yourself! You can also choose to take a shuttle bus at the foot of the mountain. 

Summer is almost here! Everyone in the northern hemisphere can start planning to come to New Zealand to escape the hot summer! 




スキー場の開放時期は6月末から10月中までです. 7月から9月まではスキーに行くの最適な時間ですよ.

カードローナスキー場にスキーを学ぶに行きたいなら、初心者の一日券を買うことをお勧めです. 雪具のレンタルだけでなく、2つの団体コースも含まれていますよ!

スキーで疲れたら、McDougall’s Chondolaの観光ロープウェイで山頂に行ってそこのバーでお酒を飲みながら雪の景色を楽しむこともできます.




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