How to choose snowboard?

How to choose snowboard? Recommendation for Beginners !


What kind of snowboard should a snowboarder choose? Recommendation for Beginners !
Snowboard is a basic equipment for snowboarding, different length, width, and materials will bring the snowboarders distinctive experiences. For the beginners, the introductions below will help you understand more about choosing a snowboard.
First, we recommend one webpage for the readers, the link will be attached below. After entering the website, you will see several questions; and after answering the questions, the system will give you some advice for choosing a snowboard based on the data you gave to the calculator.
Note: This website won’t require any personal information, and it’s totally free.
The questions in the webpage will be asking for your: height, weight, ability level, riding style, gender, and shoe size.
In addition, readers can follow up the main points we list out below:

❄️According to your height and weight:

In common, a tall or heavy weight person needs a longer board; on the other hand, a short or light weight person uses a shorter board.

❄️Based on the texture of the snow:

If the snow is soft and thick, snowboarders will need a soft and wider board with stronger buoyancy. For example, powder snow. On the contrary, when the surface of the snow is hard, like hard packed snow or icy snow, snowboarders will need a longer, harder board with higher stability.

❄️The difference between the length:

A longer, harder snowboard is more stable, fits for speed lovers; a shorter, softer board is lighter for snowboarders to do tricks and is easier to control direction.

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